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Vodafone usb modem. Model: Huawei R219z

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This is a plug and play device currently being marketed and sold by Vodafone. The device was operating on my laptop via a usb cable and then suddenly lost all connection to the internet. The device would, however, established a connection to the Vodafone log in site for the device. The device was reinstalled but on both occasions an error report stated a missing driver. An identical device was recently purchased but the problem of the missing device driver on the modem remains. Both devices do, however, function perfectly with a phone. Unfortunately, Vodafone support stated that they would only assist with the plug and play device for which they market and receive money if my name, address billing address and customer reference number are supplied in an email. This requirement was not stated when the device was bought.
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We understand the situation, however, it will  be necessary to contact our technical support line 1214, so that the situation can be analyzed.

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