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eSim again

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Having owned an Iphone XR for nearly a year and holding a contract with vodafone pt I would like to know when I can use my phone to it's full capacity. I have two sim cards but can only use one at a time.

When is eSim technology going to be available and why is it taking so long ?
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Helo @Barcobird,


At the end of 18 months after purchase, we provide the unlock code for free. You can check all equipment unlocking conditions at


At the moment Vodafone does not have eSIM. When such functionality exists, it will be disclosed by the usual means.


Thank you,


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Thank you for the reply Rute, however my phone was unlocked from new, that's not the issue.

Apple are selling phones in countries that are not able to supply eSim technology and therefore cannot be used as a dual sim phone which is what I wanted.
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