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iPhone 6 unlock

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Hi, I need to unlock my iPhone 6 from you guys, how can I do this?

P.S the link from your previous posts seems to be broken.

Thanks in advance.

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Hello @Tom44


In order to help, we ask that you give us your Vodafone number, along with the original PIN or PUK and IMEI of the device, by private message.


To send a private message, click on one of the moderators (they are the users identified with "Vodafone") and choose "Send a private message".


Thank You

Vodafone Portugal Team 

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Do you mean you want to unlock your iPhone 6 without passcode? Well, there are 3 methods that can help you. One is to use iTunes that can restore your iPhone including screen lock. If you want to back up before restoring, you have to make sure iPhone has been synced with iTunes. Otherwise, you need to put iPhone into recovery mode first and then restore with iTunes, which will not allow you to back up. Another is adopting an unlocking tool like Joyoshare iPasscode Unlocker. A technical tool can realize your purpose safely and quickly. Of course, it is just a case. You may choose any tool you like. If you enable the Find My iPhone feature and remember the Apple ID related to the locked iPhone, you can try iCloud to work you out.  

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