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Not possible to activate Esim and reach Vodafone.

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I am new client of Vodafone, I ordered new eSIM card online, and supposed to call 800 919 840 to activate it. However, the numbers 800 919 840 and 800 919 889 are not reachable from other phone networks in Portugal and from a foregin phone. I get message   "The Vodafone customer you are trying to call is not available".  Tried for several days to no avail.

Please check your help line phone numbers!




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Hello @osav,



Activation of eSim can only be done via telephone 800 919 840 or at one of our specific stores for that purpose. The contact can be made from any Portuguese service, if you are not able to reach the store.



Thank you,


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I cannot call  800 919 840 from Portuguese phones: LycaMobile and MEO. Your line is blocked for incoming calls outside of Vodafone network, I hear message 'The Vodafone customer is not available". Please check for yourself.



You can contact the 800 919 840 line through your Vodafone number with the physical card, in order to make the request to activate that number for eSIM.


If contact is not possible, it will be necessary to visit one of the stores indicated in the Marta_Vodafone post


Thank you


Hello Bruno,


Do I understand right that Vodafone customer service phones 800 919 840 and 800 919 889 are availble only for existing Vodafone clients?

Why do you offer eSIM online for new clients, if it is not possible to activate it without visiting one of your dedicated offices (one in whole Algarve), or already having access to Vodafone physical SIM card ?


Your customer support line is not accessible from other phone networks for more than a week.  What a shame for a carrier that can't fix own phone numbers.



Hi @osav


This is a replacement SIM CARD for your Vodafone number or a new SIM Card for a new number?


Thank You


This is a new eSIM card, I am trying to become Vodafone customer. 

Olá @osav,



In that case, we suggest visiting a Vodafone store. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.


Thank You,