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How do I get a network unlock code for a Portugese bought Samsung Galaxy A70, to use in the UK?

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My husband works in Portugal and bought an A70 from Cex, so it is a second hand one.  When he brought it home to the uk for our son to use we put in a vodafone uk sim card but found out that it is locked to Vodafone Portugal network.  My husband's portugese vodafone sim works in it just fine, but the uk vodafone sim says we need a network unlock code.


I'm really unsure what to do.  I understand that Vodafone might not be able to give me this because the phone has been bought from a third party seller, but I really don't understand what other options there are to be able to get the phone network unlocked from Portugal to be able to use a uk vodafone sim card in it.


If anyone has any suggestions I would be really grateful.


Thank you in advance!!

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Hi @Fickle48,

Thanks for reaching out to us.
You can check all the details to unlock your device in our website.





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