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Desculpa - nao falam portugues i write this question in english... sorry!

I own an apartment which i bought a few weeks ago. i bought an SIM card to have WLAN at this apartment. The tarif is NETFIXA 100GB. Today i received the first invoice i would like to pay from my banc account. But i cant find any IBAN to pay. Log in at my vodafone is possible , but to create an account for my contact/number is not possible (gestao de servicos e contas) as i wont receive the SMS on this card to verify the account as it is data use only.

CAn anyone tell me, how to pay the bill via banc account?


Muito obrigado in advance for your help!!!

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Olá @MLeupold,



To activate direct debit, the same can be done in a store, through this channel or My Vodafone.

If you want us to do it here, by private message, please tell us the service account number, full name and address associated plus NIB.


This invoice must be paid through an entity and reference.


Thank you,


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