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Switching to a new plackage; cancelling a contract within 14 days from signing

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We have signed a contract with Vodafone a couple of days ago - a family package with Net+TV+Mobile. We wanted at least 40GB of data for our mobile phones, but at that time Vodafone only had family packages with 20GB (or less). The guy in Vodafone office told us that we would be able to switch to 40GB when it becomes available, so we signed with a 20GB with intention to switch later.

Then today I saw on Vodafone website that they now have a plan with 40GB of mobile data. So we went to the office and asked to switch to a 40GB package. But the representative (other one, the one we signed contract with was not present that day) told us that it is not possible - which contradicts information given us by the first employee.

Then we decided to use the fact that we are still in a grace period of 14 days since signing the contract, so we asked to cancel the initial contract and sign a new one. But were told we cannot do that as well!

Does anyone know if Vodafone employee was right in both cases:

1) Can we or can we not switch to a different plan (given that we promised that we would be able to do so before signing the contract)

2) Can we or can we not cancel the contract if we have signed less than 14 days ago?

To clarify: we do not plan to switch to another provider, we want to stay with Vodafone but with 40GB of mobile data on our phones





Hello @LANcaster,
We're sorry to hear about the situation you've described.
So that we can check, please send us a private message with your Vodafone customer details.


To send a private message, simply go to the profile of one of the moderators (you can click on my name) and click on "Send a private message" (right-hand side in red). The moderators are identified by "Username_Vodafone".
Thank you,