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[english] using VoIP software / SIP protocol not possible with Vodafone?

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First off, sorry for writing the message in English, I cannot speak portugese. I hope it's okay.


We have a Vodafone Fiber service (TV/net/telephone) here, but we do not use the telephone service. It is a rebranded Huawei router/modem that Vodafone supplied us. 


When I use SIP protocol software (VoIP software) on my computer on this network, the Vodafone router will expect SIP traffic to belong to Vodafone's telephone service, and interfer with it. The result is that ALL incoming calls (not outgoing) go completely silent after 30 seconds. Every time, exactly 30 seconds. I have experienced this issua with other routers, and then disabling VoIP on the router fixes the problem always.


I talked to Vodaphone technician on the phone, and they cannot disable the VoIP function on the router. They cannot supply a different router, as all their router has the same functionality.


Basically Vodaphone is blocking customers from using the internet freely: Customers cannot use TCP or UDP traffic on port 5060 plus some other ports, because the router is actively looking for these kinds of packets and interrupting them.


I can only speculate Vodafone deliberately does this to disrupt competition (trying to force customers to use Vodafone's voice service) or if it is lack of technical ability. It does not matter. I feel sure that this kind of thing is illegal in EU, but I am no expert on the subject. Can anyone here help me?



Hello reking,



We suggest contacting our technical support 16913.


Thank You,



Thanks for your reply!


I already called Vodafone techs, and they sadly told me this cannot be fixed. (i have stated this in my original post)


Posting in this forum is my last resort, you see. 


Hello @reking,


Unfortunately technical issues have to be clarified by the technical department, as you have already done.


Having clarified this question, we will not be able to help you with any further questions.


Thank you,


The easiest solution is to disable the VoIP funct on of the Huawei router. Is there some way to get in touch with a Vodafone tech that knows how to do this? Or change the firmware so we can disable this ourselves in the router interface?


If you cannot answer technical questions here, what about non-technical questions? Can the contract now be considered broken since Vodafone does not give it's customer a proper connection to the internet?