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I have Yorn X 5GB, yet I'm eating up data incredibly fast

Contribuinte Junior
Contribuinte Junior

I think something is wrong with the configuration of my account. It took ages to get set up properly on Yorn X and now my 5GB has been used up very quickly over the past couple of days. I've been automatically put on the 1.99/100MB additive and that is eating up my balance quickly. I'm always on FaceTime audio calls, so why is my data being used up like this? Between the failure to get the account set up and this problem with the data, I will have spent almost 30 EUR in one month unnecessarily.


Really unhappy with the service I have received so far.


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Hello @crushinator3000


How fast you use your mobile data depends on the usage that you're doing with your phone. If you just access websites, your plafond will be consumed slower then if you are on video/audio calls or if you use streams, youtube, etc.

There are no errors on the consumes.


Thank You

João - Vodafone

How would you know that there are no errors without checking my account?

You seem to misunderstand me: I am saying that for the past few days I have only been using services that were included with Yorn X, yet all my data is gone.

Edit: You know what? I'm just gonna let my balance run out and buy a mobile internet package from MEO. The customer service from Vodafone has been terrible from day one.

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We have your number as it enabled us in previous conversations. And, only in this way could we analyze the service.

Yorn provides 10GB for use in free Apps. This information can be consulted in the conditions of the tariff.
The traffic generated by the apps Apple Music, Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Skype, iMessage, FaceTime, Viber, Vodafone Call +, Message + and Pokémon GO is included in the tariff and so is not deducted from your MB package.


However, we warn that Smartphones have a series of applications and services, not included in the tariff and that connect automatically to the Internet, generating a discount of the monthly price ceiling of the tariff.
As Smartphones work, it is not possible to channel the data to an app, not having the plan available. Some apps may not work even though the traffic of these apps is included, there may be a fraction of it that is not identified and that, for this reason, be deducted from the MB package of the tariff.
This situation may occur if the providers of the apps or the services that support them make changes or updates.


We also remind you that internet access should be done through apn net2.vodafone.



Thank you,


Adding insult to injury, I just went to a Vodafone store and was told that because I was put on the wrong tariff initially, I would have to pay 6€ to change to a different tariff. Incredible. I can't believe that Vodafone would try to make me pay for someone else's mistake.