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Why aren't there Portuguese subtitles on 99% of all PORTUGUESE programming? .. I have 630 channels. Every English or other foreign language speaking program or channel has Portuguese Subtitles embedded into the series. Every Portuguese program or channel does not have Portuguese Subtitles, like at all. Disney Channel and Disney Channel Junior will have Portuguese subtitles on a FEW shows with Portuguese audio after changing the options for both Legendas and Audio but these programs are originally English speaking so technically zero original Portuguese programming will have this accessibility. How does RTP have a Sign Language translator performing every word said in Portuguese on a separate camera in the corner of the screen, but no subtitles for the deaf to simply read? There is maybe a handful of Portuguese television with Portuguese subtitles on RTP DEMAND. Zero on live television, Zero on any channel using the TV box watching any program that is originally Portuguese. This seems more of a conspiracy rather than laziness or lack of budget considering the high end Portuguese programming across the board. I aspire to learn the language by reading and listening to the pronunciation of each word in context of each situation. Is there a valid reason why the deaf have a virtual translator but no text available on any channel? If this is available on a different Television provider.. I will change immediately. Its no kidding everyone knows english here. Portuguese Subtitles for every other other language seem to be a huge priority, unfortunately not for Portuguese itself or the Portuguese Deaf or the Brazilians learning Portuguese accents or a Foreigner learning the language. If there is a valid answer for this. Id highly appreciate the response as I am extremely curious because as of now, Im sold its some sort of conspiracy or arrangement to create more difficulty for foreigners to adapt. Why else would you hire a small human translator performing sign language way off in the corner of the screen when it would be easier to READ directly under what is happening? Please correct me if I am wrong.


Hi @holistic21,

Thanks for reaching out to us.
The transmission of programs and respective subtitles are the responsibility of each channel.



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You raise a really valid point. I guess portuguese media are specialist in virtue signaling so subtitles hidden somewhere just for a few won´t justify their investment. Why don´t you ask the media authority on ,I wouldn´t be surprised if there is a law regarding that they aren´t even following