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My WiFi speed is 10-15% of the expected speed

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Hi, I am a new Vodafone client and I have a 1Gbps fiber internet speed for my apartment in Alvalade, Lisbon.  When I test the internet speed while standing just next to the router, my internet speed doesn't exceed the 150mb/s download as shown in the screenshots below. Is that even normal?


I always had fiber internet in other countries and I always got 70-80% of the expected speed when connected through WiFi. But I never got just 10-15% of the expected speed when standing just next to the router, that doesn't seem normal to me. Knowing that I did a speed test on my iPhone 14 Pro Max, which supports 5G and high speed internet too.


So I would like to hear from others experience what could be the problem or how to fix this. 






Hello @Isaal,

We are sorry that you are having difficulties with your internet speed.

We suggest that you restart your equipment and if the difficulty persists, we ask you to contact technical support, you can do so by calling 16913 or 911 691 300.

Alternatively, you can contact Technical Support via email, just access this form: by filling in the field "What is your question?" with the information "fixed problem screenings".

The responsible team will contact you again at the number indicated in the "preferential contact" field as soon as possible and/or also via the indicated email.


Hey Carol, thank you for your response.


I tried to Vodafone by email, and the response was that Vodafone doesn't guarantee any speed through WiFi. I tried to ask and explain that getting just 10-15% of the speed while standing just next to the router doesn't seem normal to me, and I got the same response, that Vodafone doesn't guarantee any speed through WiFi with no further instructions to try and fix this issue. That's why I am trying to ask in the Forum to get some community help or troubleshooting tips from others experience, because unfortunately I couldn't get any help by email. 




Hi @Isaal 

Vodafone in fact only guarantees the speeds contracted using the cable connection. 
Using Wi-Fi, there are several factors that can influence the quality and dispersion of the signal, such as the location of the router, the architecture of the house, the number of simultaneous users and also the characteristics of the equipment.
We suggest that you restart all the equipment associated with the service, in order to verify that the difficulty is overcome. If the difficulty persists, in order for all the tests to be carried out, we ask that you access the TOBi Chat, following the steps below:


- Go to:
- Enter the telephone number of your landline service
- Enter "Fixed Difficulties"
- Detail the difficulty through the options indicated by TOBi. If the situation is not resolved, TOBi will make a request for Technical Support to contact it.


Hello, thanks again for your reply.


I do understand that Vodafone only guarantees the speed if it's connected through an ethernet cable. However, getting just 10-15% of the speed through WiFi isn't normal as well. Especially when only one device is connected (the one conducting the speed test) and with no barriers or distance in between. My phone was just next to the router, 25-30cm away from the router with no walls or anything in between.


Anyways, I will try to restart the router again and then contact you through Tobi as you suggest.