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Vodafone You - Incorrect Tariff?

Contribuinte Junior
I ordered a SIM online to be picked up at the store, and when I got there, the employee did not know how to activate the promotional tariff. I would like to confirm that the SIM I got was activated with the following promotion:

"Inclui 4 semanas de:
5 GB de internet
500 Minutos ou SMS para todas as redes
Chat Pass (Apps de chat sem gastar dados)
+ 2 Bónus de carregamento de 5GB.

Após as primeiras 4 semanas incluídas, serão debitados €10 a cada 2 semanas."


I want to ensure that I will not need to top up for 4 weeks as advertised, because right now when I sign into My Vodafone, it shows a €10 top-up due August 17. This would not be the first time that my tariff was activated incorrectly by an employee in the store, so you can understand my hesitance.
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Hello crushinator3000,


In order to help you, send us a private message with following informations:


- Phone number

- Full name

- Full adress

- Original PIN number


Thank You,


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