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30GB Account Complaint

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I am writing to raise a complaint in regard to the service for account  ********.   I called on Thursday 14 May regarding an issue with my Mothers mobile WiFi connection and had a long call with one of your technicians who advised that the problem appeared to be with the SIM card.   I was advised to visit the Vodafone store for a replacement which I did the same afternoon.   You will see from my account that I had to contact customer support again later in the evening as the problem was still not resolved.   Your representative Joao Fonseca was very helpful however he advised that the problem was that the 30GB data limit was reached, this despite my Mothers account on My Vodafone still showing 12GB  (picture attached) thumbnail_IMG_4312.jpgavailable and which would have been appropriate given the amount of days utilisation.    Joao advised that he would raise an incident for our issue and that we would receive a response in the coming days, however I am very unhappy with the service of Vodafone regarding this issue.  You will see from my account that there was an issue with billing in the previous month relating to internet usage and I cannot understand how my Mother who is 70 years of age would have used 30GB of data within a period of 12 days.   I also asked about increasing her data to the same tariff as myself - 100GB however I was advised that this offer is no longer available.  This is a huge disappointment and problem for us as not only did I have to visit Faro with a medical condition that means that I should not be leaving the house, it also left my Mother without access to the internet for an entire day, which given her age and the fact that we do not live in the same house meant that she was unable to contact me by phone.  (we do not top up the phone as with WiFi and the devices and apps that we use she can save money this way).   I will be looking at alternative providers for my Mother and would like to clarify that we have 28 days to cancel the contract as this is not a reliable or cost effective service in these difficult times with a much reduced income.   I would be grateful if someone from the commercial department could contact me as soon as possible to discuss the options available to us.   Kind regards



Hello @GailSykes,


From what you indicate, the situation will have been forwarded for analysis, however for us to confirm, we ask that you send us a private message with the following data:
- Vodafone account number
- Full name of the holder
- Full address of the holder


To send a private message, select one of the moderators (identified with "name_Vodafone") and choose "Enviar uma mensagem privada".


Thank You



I have looked online and cannot find the where the option is to send a private message, is it possible that someone could call me please as I have not heard anything back regarding this issue.

Kind regards



I have sent a private message as directed but have not yet received a response and it's impossible to get through on the phone

Hello GailSykes,


The situation was addressed internally. Unsuccessful contact attempts were made on 22/05 and 23/05.


You will need to contact our technical support 1214.


Thank You,