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Hello, We have upgraded our internet to 1Gbs down / 200Mbs up fiber and got the Smart router 2.0. IMO that router "Smart Router 2.0 / Huawei EchoLife HS8247W" is rubbish for such a great fiber connection. It is an entry level router and wireless/router performance are below average. We have a router/mesh system from Ubiquiti and would like to use that. I think it is understandable that we do NOT want to use a high tech router in bridge mode while using a cheap Huawai router as the main router. I noticed that the "bridge" function has been removed from the firmware which I cannot understand why that decision was made by Vodafone Portugal!? We would like to ditch this router completely and connect directly our system to the ONT. We can still connect the vodafone huwaei router to one of our ethernet ports if that is necessary for the TVs to work. Can you please send me a quote to make this possible? Many Thanks Toby

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Quem disse Eu também neste tópico