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Mobile numbers deactivated without notice + 800 EUR penalty

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I want to share my experience here as well. I have requested additional pricing information regarding my local contract via emails with Vodafone customer support. They handed the case over to some other department next day. After 6 days, i received text message saying they could not reach me following up on my request to terminate the contract. No missed calls from them that day, no contract termination request from my side at all. Next day, i tried to call their help line but gave up after 3 calls - 20 mins waiting each. Next day in the morning, I found out that both of our mobile numbers stopped working without any previous notice. So calling the help line again, got through after another 20 mins and their agent informed me that the numbers were deactivated. (??) I was so confused and confirmed i dont want to reactivate the numbers anymore after such experience. No further comments from her, she just said OK. Few hours later, another email from Vodafone saying that i have to pay 800 EUR penalty for early contract termination. This is still ongoing issue, still awaiting the response but I can not believe this is happening in 2020. I will not pay anything extra to cover the human errors on Vodafone side. 



Hello @stepan


Deactivations of services can only happen after a written and signed request from the owner. 


In order to help you, please send us, by private message, the following data: 

  • Vodafone Account number
  • Name of owner
  • Full Address


To send a private message, click on one of the moderators (they are the users identified with "name_Vodafone") and choose "Send a private message".


Thank you


I just shared the details with you in the PM. 

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This is getting really annoying @JoãoR_Vodafone - i heard back from you via email just saying you have reactivated both numbers and resumed the contract - without even asking me. This is not acceptable based on what has happened, i was forced to find alternative solution that can not be cancelled.


Please, arrange for some senior agent to reach out to me. You breached the contract with disconnecting me without my written consent. 

I am willing to keep the internet, TV and landline but strongly refuse to pay 800 EUR penalty fee for the mobile service cancellation