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Scammed by YORN online promotion of 5GB for 3 months

Novo Utilizador

I bought this YORN card from their online shop, paid for it, it never works! I have gone to their official outlets for 8 times, and every time I went there, I was asked to wait for 24 hours. After each of the 24 hours and messages of promises from the text, nothing happened. I tried calling their customer service, asked me to wait for 2 hours, also nothing happened! Such a waste of my money! Is Vodafone nothing but scammer?

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Hello @TJevon,


We understand and regret your dissatisfaction. This is not at all the image that Vodafone wants to show and isn't part of the conduct of this company. We guarantee that customer satisfaction is one of our main goals.


In order for us to review the activation status of your SIM card, please send us a private message with:


- Phone number

- Full name of the holder

- Full address

- Original PIN


To send a private message, click on one of the moderators (they are users identified with "Vodafone_name") and choose "Send a private message".


Thank you,


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Novo Utilizador

I have sent the required responses, but have yet to receive any feedbacks or explanation if this is nothing but scam.


Hope I can have it clear that this was not an act of scammers.

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Hi @TJevon,

We have answered your private message.

-Thank You


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