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Can't receive calls when abroad

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Hi. I am currently in the Middle East with more than enough pre-paid balance. I can make calls using my Vodafone number roaming but I can not receive calls. Can anyone tell me why and how to resolve this issue. Thanks.



Hello @HRK 


Thank you for reaching out, and we apologize for the inconveniences you are experiencing with the network, fo the calls. 


To help resolve this situation, we suggest you follow some steps to check the status of the service network:

1. Turn off and then turn on your device.
2. If your SIM card is not an eSIM, try removing and reinserting the SIM card.
3. Test the SIM card in another compatible device.
4. Manually search for the network on your device. You can follow the detailed instructions in the online manuals. Select the brand and model of your device, then "Conecitividade," and next, "Definições de rede e Internet" choose "Escolha a rede"
5. Reset network settings. On Android: Go to Settings » Select General Management » Tap Reset » Select Reset network settings » Tap Reset settings » Select Reset to confirm. On iOS: Settings > General > Transfer or Reset [device] > Reset > Reset Network Settings.


If after doing these steps, the difficulty persists, please provide your number and details of the procedures you have undertaken, by private message. Details such as the selected network, any errors, or error messages encountered when trying to make calls or access mobile data will be helpful for a better understanding of the problem.


We appreciate your cooperation and understanding, and we are available to continue assisting in any way necessary.


To send a private message, click on one of the moderators (these are the users identified with "name_Vodafone") and choose "Send a private message".


Thank You