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Vodafone Go 30 days Data Card not working

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Hello, I bought yesterday in Lisbon a 30days/60Gb data card to use with my Iphone 4. I've entered the right PIN code but nothing is happening.. The "data" option isn't activated on General > Network so I can't have access to Internet. Can you help me solve the issue so that I can actually use the data card please? Thank you, Simone
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Hi @Simone2020


Send us a private message with the phone number, along with the name and address of the holder so we can verify it. If the number is not identified, we need the original PIN or PUK.


To send a private message, click on one of the moderators (they are the users identified with "name_Vodafone") and choose "Send a private message".


Thank You

Vodafone Portugal Team

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