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Net Fixa 150 Mbps Slow

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I have a Net Fixa 150 Mbps account which has been sold to me with download speeds upto 150 Mbps and upload speeds upto 50 Mbps.

The download speeds vary between less than 1 Mbps to never more than 20 Mbps (which is rare). 

I have a Huawei B525 LTE CPE WiFi router with carefully placed omni-directional external antennaes. The signal strength is near always strong with 4-5 bars and an indicated 4G signal, yet even then the download/upload speeds are ridiculously slow and internet access is unreliable.

Why does Vodafone sell this package if it is obvious that they cannot provide these speeds and service?

Any assistance on improving the situation would be appreciated.Speedtest 170920 1215.JPGHuawei Signal.JPG


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Hello @CasaPicota,


In the case of a GSM service, speeds are up to the maximum possible in the area, equipment and tariffs. In any case, you should contact our Technological Support - 1214 to check the situation.



Thank you,

Team Vodafone Portugal

Ola Vodafone Team

Thank you for the prompt response. I will call the number provided and question why the speed is inconsistant but I probably will get the same answer as usual -  volume of traffic etc.

However, it does not answer the question, why is Vodafone selling a superior service if they know full well that they cannot provide the service in this area due to inferior equipment being used. I changed from Net Fixa 20Mbps which was costing Euro 25.90 per month, to Net Fixa 150Mbps at a cost of Euro 31.89 in August last year on the understanding that this would be substantially faster, which it is not. That is a total extra cost of Euro 71.88. Could you advise who I complain to regarding this issue as I am currently paying for a service that you have stated Vodafone cannot provide in my area.


Hi @CasaPicota,


We suggest you to contact the number provided first.
Then we if the issue persists the colleagues will explain you what needs to be done.

Thank you