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I know telecommunications companies get a bad wrap but this is THE worst experience I have ever had with ANY company.

I wanted only the 1Gb Yorn X tariff and after going to the Bela Vista store where they had no Yorn SIMs, went to the Vasco da Gama store in Oriente. They only had the 10Gb card in stock and I was told it was a good deal because it would cost the same for three months then you can change tariff but I informed the member of staff repeatedly that I didn’t need the extra data or the hassle of having to come back to the shop to change tariff. After being ignored several times eventually I was told that the tariff activated would be the 1Gb plan like I had requested. Later that day I receive a text message from Vodafone saying reply YES to activate your 10Gb tariff.

I returned to Oriente the following day to repeat my request, this time to the larger Vodafone store and again was told they couldn’t understand why I would want the smaller tariff when it costs the same for three months. After arguing for a further 30 minutes the staff member said they would try to activate the tariff I initially wanted. At this point they showed me the scan made of my passport at Vasco da Gama which had ‘10Gb plan’ handwritten on it. I had clearly and deliberately been ignored and so you can only imagine my suspicion and hesitance when the current staff member was telling me to activate the 10Gb plan there and then and it would be free to switch tariffs and that I could even do it at home on the app. She implored me that the previous staff member must not have understood why on earth I would want the lower tariff and she also told me it was impossible for her to activate the correct tariff there.

So reluctantly I activated the 10Gb plan and looked to switch tariffs at the end of the three month for €2.75/week offer. After the first week on this plan I get charged the full €4.99; I’m not at all surprised. I immediately try to change tariffs. The app informs me it costs €6 to switch plus €2.75 for the new tariff. I pay it wanting only to see the end of this debacle and carry on my life without having to think about Vodafone/Yorn tariffs.

Each of these appointments with Vodafone employees lasted well over an hour plus the travelling time but the thing that stands out to me most is the lies, deceit and inability to listen of the Vodafone staff. I was talked over and ignored repeatedly and hoodwinked into agreeing to things I didn’t want to. Simply a disgusting way to treat customers and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.
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Hi @SteophJ,

You just reported a very bad experience.
We understand and regret your dissatisfaction. It is not the image that Vodafone intends to show and is not part of the conduct of this company. We guarantee that Customer satisfaction is one of our main objectives.

Please tell us by private message your phone number and original PIN or PUK number so we can check what as happened.

Thank You 


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