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Fraudulent subscription: BOKU

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In my most recent invoice: Mar 2021 I have been charged 3 External Services called "BOKU".

Prior to this invoice I had never heard of this company, nor ever taken out any subscription services on any of my Vodafone tariffs.

I messaged Vodafone directly who claimed this is an external service and nothing to do with them. Their advice: to contact Boku directly (they gave me their contact details), suspicious.

I asked Vodafone how this subscription service was possible without a breach in access to my data, which they hold safe? In the direct response, they only said "Following the foregoing, we inform you that by accepting the conditions of use of mobile internet tariff, you confirm the acceptance of subscription to External Services."

So Vodafone tells me that my internet tariff can have subscription services added, which I didn't authorize or give my personal data for ...? This is a violation of my data protection held with Vodafone, not to mention FRAUD.

On contacting Boku, they requested the mobile number associated with the account - which I had to search for because it's a mobile data tariff not a mobile phone number. They at least said "sorry to hear about the issue", but informed me how to "apply for a refund", asking me to send them a police report confirming that the "fraudulent activity has been reported to the authorities '', on top of this: "within 2 weeks of placing a dispute". Firstly: "apply" to request a refund, does not mean they will process it or even look into it. Secondly: "a refund" for FRAUD!?, Outrageous. Thirdly : There is a time limit to submit the documentation they need to have recieved to even "proceed with a refund request". Oh and to top it off: "Please note,

I have been to the GNR and started the process for a police report, contacting both Vodafone and Boku again to inform them of such, as well as requesting the type of information and data needed to start a subscription service. I will wait and see…

This entire situation is utterly outrageous, on every level.



Vodafone automatically allows external subscription services to be added to your accounts: Have this facility blocked because your data is not safe with Vodafone alone.

Check your invoices regularly and thoroughly.

Speak publicly about your problems on forums so others don't suffer the same as you.


Utterly OutragedClient, seriously considering leaving Vodafone forever.



Hello @OutragedClient


This type of purchase can only be made by the user, and it is not possible for Vodafone to make them on behalf of the Customer.


Activations can be done through a mobile device or PC, and these numbers recognize the number, however, it is always necessary for the user to click on a link or option for activation.


Thank You


Hi JoãoR_Vodafone,

"This type of purchase can only be made by the user, and it is not possible for Vodafone to make them on behalf of the Customer."

I did not make this puchase. My data has been hacked from your system, this is a violation of my data protection.


I was not even online when the 3 transactions were placed - as it states in my invoice.

So who did? Who has hacked my account? And why does no one at Vodafone acknowledge that this is even possible? I have seen other posts on this forum, stating exactly the same issue.