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Paguei para um SIM que nao durou o tempo que comprei!

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I purchase the "Vodafone Go Total", "Internet para 30 dias" SIM card at the Vodafone shop in Aqua shopping in Portimão for €34,99. I began using this SIM on or around February 3, 2024.
The SIM card was used for 15 days before disconnecting.
As I was not available to call Vodafone to solve the problem, I paid another €25 today, for 20 more days of service as it says on the intructions that came with the SIM card.
The SIM card should have been available for use until March 2, 2024 and now that I have added 20 more days, my service should have been paid until March 23, 2024.
On the Vodafone App, there is inconsistent information as it tells me my renewal is 12 days from now, when in reality it should only be in 35 days from today.
I also asked the Vodafone representative if this SIM can only be used for a limited number of devices as some of the others. He told me this SIM card can be used for UNLIMITED devices and I cannot find any written information stating this limitation but I cannot connect more than 10 devices at a time.



Hi @jus 


Thank you for your message.


When it comes to a Vodafone Go Total card, the cost is 20 euros for 15 days, 35 euros for 30 days or 49.90 for 8 days but with a hotspot.


In the case of top-ups, a 25 euro top-up will give you access to 20 days.

If you top up again while the previous one is still valid, the days do not accumulate. The expiry date for the next top-up will be the earliest, taking into account all previous top-ups.


However, in order to confirm the tariff you have purchased and your questions, please send us a private message with the associated telephone number.


Thank you





Ó pacote diz 30 dias, €34,99. Foi isso que comprei. Quer ver fotos do pacote? Isto é propaganda enganosa se vendem produtos que não são o que dizem!
Quero reembolso do valor que paguei se não for o que eu comprei!

This also means your sales agents are blatantly LYING to customers in store!


Hello @jus,


In order for us to analyse it, please send us your phone number by private message.


Thank You,


How can I do so?
I have already tried speaking to someone on the phone and the ToBi many times but all dead ends.

To send a private message, simply go to the profile of one of the moderators (you can click on my name) and click on "Send a message" (right-hand side in red). The moderators are identified by "Username_Vodafone".




My situation has still NOT been resolved even after many weeks of trying to communicate with Vodafone. Either the staff is pretending they don’t understand - in either language OR they are selling products FALSELY packaged or advertised!

Hello @jus,


We want to clarify the situation in a personalized way, so we've replied to your private message.


We'll follow up on your messages. 


Thank you,